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Events at OpusFest 2009

We have received many requests for the OpusFest 2009 schedule, which is still in the process of being finalized. The schedule will be posted on the website once all the events are set, but for now, we thought we'd share some highlights from each day with you.

Friday Highlights:

Opus Opening Ceremonies - OpusFest will start off with its first ever opening ceremony to welcome everyone back to the convention. We'll talk about the great events we've got lined up for the weekend, introduce our Guests of Honor, and maybe indulge in a bad joke or two (don't worry, we'll try to keep them to a minimum).

Serpent Moon Preformance - The famous Colorado bellydancing troupe is returning to OpusFest to help us start Friday night off on the right foot... or hip as the case may be. The lovely ladies of Serpent Moon will live up to their names by bringing the time-less art of bellydancing to Opus' main stage. If you've seen them perform before, you know what a pleasure they are to watch , and if you haven't yet had the opportunity to see Serpent Moon strut (and shake) their stuff, make sure you don't miss out!

Avistrum's Dark Wizard's Ball - The Dark Wizard's Ball is traditionally held on a Saturday, but what truely Dark Wizard could pass up the opportunity to host such a sinister soiree on Friday the 13th? The Ball will start at 9:00pm and will continue until we just can't dance any more. The Dark Wizard's Ball is open to all OpusFest attendees, so bring your best cloak and boogie down!

CEI Presents *The Rocky Horror Picture Show* - Friday at midnight, Colorado's Elusive Ingredient will be joining us with a special late night (early morning) presentation/performance of *The Rocky Horror Picture Show*. CEI has been performing *Rocky* at OpusFest for the last few years and we are thrilled to have them back. Oh, and if you've never seen RHPS with a live cast, be sure to tell them that before the show - they'll make sure you don't miss out on a thing!

Saturday Highlights:

Castle Wall Productions Performance - What sort of fantasy festival would we be if we didn't have at least one good sword fight for our attendees to cheer on? Lucky for us (and for you!) we have Castle Wall Productions joining us to amaze and entertain with two live-steel performances. Castle Wall is a theatrical combat troupe and they will be doing two different performances for Opus attendees on Saturday. And if that panel you just *have* to attend is at the same time as one of them, you'll have an opportunity again Sunday to catch these guys doing what they do best!

Inferno Films Presents: The Highwayman - We are proud to announce that Inferno Films has just joined OpusFest. On Saturday they will be showing a pre-production trailer for the film: The Highwayman. The actors will be performing selected scenes from the film live and they will be hosting a Q&A session afterwards. This is a great chance to see some of the incredibly talented people here in Colorado. Support your community and don't miss this event!

Visit The Highwayman Website: Click Here

Guest of Honor Dinner - Come have dinner with all our Guests of Honor on Saturday evening! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with this amazingly acomplished and talented group of people for a meal (and a night) you won't likely soon forget. Speaking of forgetting, don't forget this is a limited attendance event and tickets need to be purchased seprately. Sign up soon because tickets are sure to go fast!

Opus Costume Ball - The costume contest at OpusFest is getting a makeover. No more sitting in neat little rows and watching people walk across a stage! Instead, this year we're going for a more social and personal approach. Everyone - participants, attendees and judges - will all get a chance to mingle, to walk right up to the costumers and see what they've made, ask questions, even trade ideas. We will still be announcing participants and anyone who likes will still have the opportunity to perform a short skit, but we want everyone to get the chance to really see and enjoy all the creativity and hard work that goes into a costumer's creation.

Voltaire Performance - Back by (very) popular demand, OpusFest presents Voltaire! In addition to being an artist, author, social commentator and all-around snarky/nice guy, Voltaire is a Gothic Rennisance Musician whose dark humor and satire bring even the most stoic, death, death, (devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil) goth to their knees with laughter. Add to that an amazing voice, a coffin-load of charm and one rakishly perched top-hat, and we've got an incredible performance lined up for you guys!

Sunday Highlights:

Castle Wall Productions Performance (take deux) - We warned you not to miss Castle Wall's two incredible live steel-performances on Saturday... but just in case you couldn't tear yourself away from that panel, or the vendor room, or whatever bright and shiny thing on the ground distracted you, Castle Wall will be doing an encore presentation of both shows on Sunday. This will be your last chance to catch them at OpusFest '09!

Hero's Experience Swasher ™ Tournament - If watching the Castle Wall folks duke it out on stage isn't enough of a fix for your sword-fighting addiction, we've got an opportunity for you to get in on the action as well (minus the live steel of course)! The folks at A Hero's Experience will be running an all-ages Swasher tournament. This is your chance to equip a Swasher (a.k.a. foam) weapon and shield and battle it out with other contestants to see who the final victor will be.

Swasher ™ is a registered trademark of Renaissance Adventures, LLC. Used by permission.

Art Auction - The Art Show Auction is your chance to bid on some of the artwork that was featured in the OpusFest Art Show. Whether it's a favorite local artist or a new-comer whose work you just can't resist, if you've been drooling over a piece of art all weekend, but haven't been able to make up your mind to get it, now is the time to just go for it before it gets away.

Opus Closing Ceremonies - Much like the opening ceremonies, this is a new addition to OpusFest for 2009. This is our chance to thank you all for coming out and making it a great show (because honestly, you guys are what makes it a great show). This is also your opportunity to give us any feedback about Opus. Tell us what you loved, tell us what you hated (we hope nothing!) and let us know how we can make 2010 an even better year for OpusFest and for all of us.

Weekend Highlights:

Six Stones - Society in Shadow The amazing folks from Six Stones will be at OpusFest running their LARP (Live Action Role Playing) all weekend. All OpusFest attendee's are welcome to join or just learn about their immersive experience. Be warned though, you may forget to attend everything else. The folks at Six Stones run such an incredible game that people from multiple states come to any convention where they are running just to play it.

Note: There is a $5 fee required to play, payable directly to Six Stones at OpusFest. This covers your game materials for the whole weekend.

Vendor Hall - Are you looking for a new piece of jewelery for an outfit or costume? Are you looking for an outfit or costume? Do you just need a massage? Then look no further than the Opus Vendor Hall which will have numerous vendors to cater to your needs.

Art Show - Looking for a new piece of art to hang on your wall? In the market for a sculpture? Then you need to check out the OpusFest Art Show. Always a great display of talent. We will be featuring artists from all over the U.S. as well as our Artist Guest of Honor: Gil Bruvel. Please make sure to visit the Art Show over the weekend and see what beautiful creations we have available for you.

Autograph and Reading Sessions - Throughout the weekend there will be various author readings by local and national authors, not to mention our Author Guest of Honor: Ilona Andrews. Ilona will be reading passages from her new book which will be released a week after OpusFest. This is your chance to get a peek at what will happen to Kate next!

Looking to get your book or art print signed? We will have various Author and Artist signings happening all weekend. This is your chance to get that autograph you always wanted, and best of all... It's Free!

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